Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Count depot Piddle - Pads 10 84 $25 Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 10 Pet Supplies Dogs Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Count depot Piddle - Pads 10 84 $25,10,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Training,Count,84,Puppy,,-,Petphabet,Pee,Potty,Piddle,/accountably1044947.html,Dog,Pads $25,10,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Training,Count,84,Puppy,,-,Petphabet,Pee,Potty,Piddle,/accountably1044947.html,Dog,Pads $25 Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 10 Pet Supplies Dogs

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Count discount depot Piddle - Pads 10 84

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 10


Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 10


Product Description

Petphabet Large Puppy Dog Potty Training Pee Pads - 100 Count Box - 23" x 24" XL - Quick Drying Gel, Odor Elimination, No Leak - Ultra-Absorbent Housebreaking Pad for Small and Big Dogs

If you live in an apartment complex without access to a grassy area or park around the property, the training pad will provide a safe place for your puppy to relieve himself.
If you do live in a home with a backyard or if your apartment building has grassy areas for potty training, then the pad can be an equally excellent tool for introducing your dog to the outdoors.
In this situation, the puppy pad can be placed outdoors in an area that you prefer the dog to go potty (on the grass) to familiarize him with the outdoor environment.
As a good alternative to outdoor relief, the Petphabet dog pee pads come in standard, odor control, and super absorbent versions, each equipped with heavy-duty liners that will protect both the floors and carpets throughout your home should an accident occur.

Puppy Pet Pads Dog Cat Wee Pee Piddle Pad Training Underpads - Home Protection Odor-Eliminating Dog Pads - No Odor, Leak Proof Absorbent Housebreaking Pad for Puppy and Small Dogs

Petphabet dog pads are highly absorbent and won't leak or spread. Petphabet dog training pads are made with Polymer technology that instantly turns liquid into a gel, preventing leaks that can damage your floor or carpet. Petphabet Odor Eliminating Dog Pads instantly eliminate odors and keep air fresh for lasting freshness.

Save money, reduce waste, and be friendly to the environment with the petphabet puppy pads. It provides a soft, comfortable polyester top and an inner polymer technology for absorbing your puppy's urine. It can also be used as a liner for your pet's kennel when traveling.

Petphabet dog potty pads can be used indoors or outdoors, and can absorb huge amounts of liquid without leaking or damaging floors.

If you live in an area that doesn't have quick access to outdoor grassy areas, then training pee pads will be of significant benefit due to their durability and high degree of absorbency.

Puppy Pee Pads - Large Dog Training Premium Wee Pads (23x24) 5 Layers with Extra Quick Dry Polymer Tech - Odor Control Quilted Dog Pads

As cute as a young puppy in training is, nobody really wants to see or smell his accidents throughout the house.
During the time pet is learning to hold it in, safeguard your carpets, tiles, and wood flooring with these dog training pads.
Offering multiple layers, super-absorbent cores, and built-in odor control, they'll remain discreet, while eliminating the need for irritating cleanups.

Dog pads are ideal for:

  • Dogs home alone
  • Ailing, incontinent or senior dogs
  • Lining crates and carriers
  • Drying wet, muddy paws or fur
  • Protecting car seats

Heavy-Duty Absorbent Training Pads For Adult Dogs and Puppies - Housebreaking Wee Wee Training Potty Pee Pads Underpads

Absorbency makes the puppy pad particularly useful. Petphabet puppy pads offer multiple layers of protection, as well as plastic edges, and can even turn puppy's urine into a gel for fast cleanup and disposal. Additionally, those pads with built-in odor control and darker colors remain discreet in your home without attracting unwanted attention.

With patience, training, and the proper encouragement, you'll have your new furry best friend potty trained in no time at all. Dealing with a few accidents here and there is a very small price to pay for the amount of love, time, and appreciation you'll gain from the experience. The training pad is simply an additional tool to make that job a bit easier and fun as your puppy grows.

Do not assume that a large puppy can hold more urine than a small one before needing to go pee. Large puppies are just as prone to accidents and have larger bladders, meaning that those accidents are sometimes bigger. Like children, they need to learn when the appropriate time comes to go potty and under what circumstances they ought to cork it.

Petphabet Puppy Dog Training Potty Pee Piddle Pads - 84 Count 10

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