Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage 21-Inch of Set Store 2 18-Inch and Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage 21-Inch of Set Store 2 18-Inch and Metal,Set,Deco,Pet Supplies , Birds,,2,$25,of,21-Inch,18-Inch,,79,Cage,,and,/pregladden1045178.html,Bird $25 Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage, 21-Inch and 18-Inch, Set of 2 Pet Supplies Birds Metal,Set,Deco,Pet Supplies , Birds,,2,$25,of,21-Inch,18-Inch,,79,Cage,,and,/pregladden1045178.html,Bird $25 Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage, 21-Inch and 18-Inch, Set of 2 Pet Supplies Birds

Deco 79 Metal Bird Max 46% OFF Cage 21-Inch of Set Store 2 18-Inch and

Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage, 21-Inch and 18-Inch, Set of 2


Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage, 21-Inch and 18-Inch, Set of 2

Product description

This set of metallic decorative bird cages is sure to add bundles of charm to your home. Beautifully detailed, it features dome-shaped cages with geometric pattern and adorable latch openings. These accent pieces are made out of metal with solid construction, offering durability. Jazz up vintage themed spaces with these charming home decor accent pieces that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. These bird cages look great on tables and ceilings, especially when filled with flowers, garland, or more. This set of whimsical birdcages are ideal for traditional, vintage, and industrial-themed living spaces Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Features metal hooks for easy hanging. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This set comes with 2 birdcages. Vintage inspired. This item comes shipped in one carton.

Deco 79 Metal Bird Cage, 21-Inch and 18-Inch, Set of 2

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